Have Fun Playing LevynLight

LevynLight is a turn based, fantasy browser game created for Facebook. The game was developed by HitGrab, the creators of the mouse hunting game MouseHunt and the popular card game MythMonger. The characters of the game are basically based on the world of MythMonger. Almost all characters are the same except that, it is no longer a card game but a role playing, turn based browser game. The game is simple and does not consume much of your time as you only have to check the game every 15 minutes to use your turn. If you love playing role playing games and browser games but does not want to spend hours of playing, then you might as well check this game

The game offers itself a thorough guide for beginners and is integrated into the story itself. First quests will serve as a tutorial for the game teaching you how to do the hunting. The story evolves with the elements of earth, fire, wind, water and metal. The effectiveness of your equipment will depend on its elemental attributes and the effectiveness and elemental attribute of the opponent. A creature of a certain element is weak when you are equipped with items that are effective against the element of the opponent. Example, a Treant of the wood element is weak against fire type weapons. You will also have to purchase energy stones for you to be able to use your turn. Types of energy stone ranges from the most basic stone to superior energy stone. The battle system itself is very interesting and unique. Your possibility of success to defeat an opponent depends on your maximum attack capability compared to the opponent.

The game itself is still in Beta and there is still a possibility of a character reset. To be able to experience the game early will help you know how to make the most of your equipment and time.